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Scientific Workshops

Our mission is to create a wonderful opportunity that sets an immersive platform for Indkarta to bring the concept of innovative and sustainability education to the remarkable students within Indian/International  Institutes.

  • Indkarta started with the concept to collaborate and build a network between  Universities & Industries in order to build a community based responsibility with  government agencies & private corporations to invest into more field & experiential  based education so as to make the educational experiences rich, hands-on and  eco–conscious for the growing minds and give birth to eco-innovators.



STEM is a curriculum based on the idea of educating students in four specific disciplines — Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics — in an interdisciplinary and applied approach, by centering round individual students learning styles and interest

 Lunch Break


It connects disciplines and relates them to each other focusing on collaboration, communication, research, problem solving, critical thinking & creativity, connecting classroom learning to the real world.

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