What's in a name ?

Indkarta is a combination of "Ind" which stands for Industry / Corporations and "karta" which is from Old Japanese for "prosperous, flourishing" or "ordered, peaceful". 

About Us

To carry on the business of research and development firm with multidisciplinary engineers working to build products in the area of space, mobility, hygiene, and human assistance equipment, computer and microprocessor-based systems, scientific and surveying equipment, software development, and allied activities.

We now Specialize in building Innovative Sustainable Products & share this knowledge in workshops with Schools, Universities corporations and government agencies. And while we do this we keep updating our collaboration database with every entity we come in contact with and look to use this to build a gap analysis.

Indkarta started with the concept to collaborate and build a network between Universities & Industries in order to build a community based responsibility with government’s agencies & private corporations to invest into a more field & experimental based education so as to make the educational experiences rich, hands-on and Eco–conscious for the growing minds and give birth to innovators.