Join Us:

Indkarta is a place where people work together on problems that may have ambiguous solutions. This calls for qualities like open-mindedness, intellectual courage, enjoying work, and a great deal of self-discipline.

Hiring Philosophy: 

We would rather hire smart, curious people than people who are deep, deep experts in one area or another, 

we are not impressed just by people with high cognitive ability.

We hire someone who is bright, and curious, and can learn, they're more likely to come up with a new solution that the world hasn't seen before!

January 21, 2021



1. Working on PCB designing and microprocessor programming
2. Working on analysis, documentation on components, use case, testing, and soldering

January 21, 2021



1. Good Knowledge in maintenance of all electrical equipment 

2.  Proficient in electrical Design  software

3. Strong in fundamental of electronical systems

4. Ability to research , design , test and integrate electronic product

January 21, 2021



1. Work on HTML5 or better front end 5/5
2. Manage PHP 5/5 and PYTHON 3/5
3. Program and be an expert and go through the test
4. Make web apps development using HTML 5, PHP, Bootstrapping, SQL 5/5

January 21, 2021


1. Working on new product design with AutoCAD and other concept design tools
2. Programming apps for electric bikes
3. Working on 3D rendering for electric bike and smart helmets
4. Working on rapid prototyping and 3D printing (training provided)
5. Handling product documentation
6. Working on corporate coursera continuous learning as assigned by the team leader