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Innovation and sustainability through future-oriented R&D

Rapid Prototyping 

At Indkarta, we provide rapid prototyping services and low volume manufacturing services for global inventors, entrepreneurs, startups, large companies and foreign counterparts alike.

Reasearch & Development 

To carry on the business of research and development firm with multidisciplinary engineers working to build products in the area of space, mobility, hygiene, and human assistance equipment, computer and microprocessor-based systems, scientific and surveying equipment, software development, and allied activities.


Evaluation of Startups

We specialize in helping startups and young companies to grow. We can help you with a business plan consultation. We create business strategies, develop projects including the design or marketing and we share our experience with successful projects.

Business Consultation

Scientific Workshops 

Building an Education for learning by action Corporate Programmes, Climate Change Programmes, Sustainable Schools , Educational Trips

Business Consultation
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University Sponsorship Projects 

Our mission is to create a wonderful opportunity that sets an immersive platform for Indkarta to bring the concept of innovative and sustainability education to the remarkable students within Institutes. We wish to create change-makers who will shape the future in a sustainable way, which is much needed in our world today.

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